About Us

The world is filled with amazing people

At the Ethembeni School, we are fortunate to meet these people every single day. Those who aren’t giving up on their dreams, those who refuse to take no for an answer, and those who will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Ethembeni School was established in October 1984 by the former Department of Education and Training, as a State Subsidised Special School for learners with physical disabilities. Established in 1989 the school initially took over for The Blind and Partially-Sighted Students from Vuleka School for The Deaf & Blind.

It is now 2017 and our wonderful school has grown in great proportion over the past few years. We are now 300 students strong, all of which are boarding in hostels at the school because they come from families which are hundreds of kilometres away. If there is one thing we’ve always made an effort to accomplish at the Ethembeni School is affordability. For this reason, we are always very eager to work with companies who are always extremely supportive and truly invest themselves in our cause. We know just as well as anyone out there that we are in need of more and more assistance as the school moves forward, gains students and invests in bettering the education of our students, through the advancements of school assets such as books and other learning peripherals. We are even working with GivenGain, a non-profit organisation who has created a platform for beneficiaries through which the public has the ability to support their favourite causes, including education, community development and disaster relief.

At our current capacity, The Ethembeni School caters for physically disabled and visually impaired children from all over Kwa-Zulu Natal, Kingdom of the Zulu (South Africa). This is the reason that all of our students are boarding with the school. Parents have sacrificed the distance between themselves and their children, to provide their kids with the best possible education available to them.

Our Goal, to create highly educated members of society who are proactive, ready and able to be the difference in the South Africa which will be handed to them. A South Africa which may not be as kind or forgiving as we expected it to be. The name Ethembeni means “Place of Hope” and the motto Phila Ufunde means “Live and Learn”. It is thanks to our phenomenal staff members and dedicated contributors that we are still here today and are forever grateful to be a part of the process of helping 300 kids every year in reaching their full potential.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check our website and we hope that we have inspired you to consider our school for your child or to recommend us to a friend. For any questions, please see our contact page, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Kind Regards
The Ethembeni Team